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A white person that's totally wack and not at all gangsta, although he tries desperately.
Man you must be one wacked out cracka hangin out in Compton wearing a Crips hat, a Bloods shirt, and an "East Coast 4 Life" chain. You gonna get shot more than 50 Cent, 2pac, and Biggie combined, you stupid honkey.
by Nick D March 11, 2003
The remains of a small wheat-based biscuit that has been accidentally crushed into bits at the bottom of your packed-lunch box.
"Shit, man, dat one helluva wacked out cracka der."
"Sho' nuff messed up my lunch, homie."
by Rubberneck needs 2 getalife May 13, 2003
a stupid rich white man who wants to be black, he buys the clothes and the dang blang hang thang, and thinks he is a gangster, but any black kid could kick his brite ass.
by mish mish man June 22, 2003
If stupid mother fuckers come from the UPPER class then where does that leave your BA-LACK ASS!
whacked out crackas are just as bad as jigaboos but they dont smell as bad
by leroy mercer April 19, 2003
A stupid motherfucker who tries to act Black, even tho he comes from the upper class, and any Black person could kick his scrawny white ass.
Shit, time to mob on those wacked out cracka's, thinking they can be us.
by MC Ren April 15, 2003
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