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An episode of Dave Chappelle where he pretends to get a mcjob. It represents how Mc Donalds thinks there doing charity work for the underpriveliged but is really just causing more problems.

Person:...she had a heart attack, too much wack arnolds.
by shatara June 01, 2006
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the apex of lame. the most uncool of the uncool. the worst part of any situation; a made up person responsible for anything that is upsetting/unpleasant/unsatisfactory.
-"Hey Bill, wanna go get drinks after work?"
-"Sorry I can't tonight."
-"Oh hello Wack Arnold. When did you get here? I thought I was talking to my friend Bill."

-"Dude this party sucks."
-"Yeah I heard Wack Arnold put this together."

-"I'm thinking about going on a diet."
-"You know who you sound like right now? Wack Arnold."

-"Hey Joe, I need to take tomorrow off. I'm taking my family up to Canada for the weekend."
-"Canada? Who's your travel agent? Wack Arnold?"

-"Dude it hurts when I pee. I think that chick gave me something last night."
-"Did you go home with Wack Arnold again?"
by Dick Tipps May 10, 2012
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n.: the token "crazy black man" found in most corporate offices or similar settings. Characterized by short, quick burst of mildly violent behavior that usually result in dismissal for the rest of the day/week by the bossman.
"Yo, did you here Tyrese almost got fired yesterday for slam dunking Carlos' head in the trash can?"

"Yeah, but he'll be back to work tomorrow...he's just another wack arnold"
by Dr. Josephus October 23, 2008
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The work horse and backbone of the United States Army, whose hard work and dedication often goes unappreciated.
I pulled a "Wack Arnold" and worked thirty-six hours straight scrounging for parts so that we can have power in this tent. Now they want me come in at four a.m. to make sure that everybody dispatches their vehicles properly.
by W. Arnold October 28, 2011
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someone retarded, someone who doesnt know anything and is gay.
dan diaz dont be wackarnold
by chappelle4real September 19, 2004
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