my italian boss jerry,
he can't read or write neither can he count, but he works like crazy(like a wack) and forces all others to do the same for a hell of a less money.....
by hobbit June 18, 2004
A half White half Black person; white + black = WACK!
Dang that guy is Wack!
That Wack is on crack.
Let's wack the Wack.

by antheezie. June 13, 2008
a person that is a mix of white and black, otherwise known as a wigger.
yo fool that cracka's wack.
by Drak-O-Dawg September 30, 2004
Crazy, unbelievable, nuts, "off the hook"
Dude, this house party is gonna be wack!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "Wack is never used as a positive term, to use it in this manner would be completely inaccurate and lowers the overall quality of this excellent website."
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
someone that is half black and half white
"I think that he is wack"
by KKT October 08, 2005

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