a lame gangsta slang word for cool.
"Dayum, that CD sounds wack!"
by Daddiyo July 10, 2008
the wireless Stephen uses
me: hey steve wussup
stephen: hi im aight u
stephen signed off at 3:30 pm
stephen signed on at 3:31 pm
stephen signed off at 3:32 pm
stephen signed on at 3:33 pm
stephen signed off at 3:34 pm
stephen signed on at 3:35 pm
me: ur wireless is WACK
stephen signed off at 3:36pm
by lmao im not slackin May 31, 2008
When something goes or is worng. Also used in place of fucked up.
1)Man, that shit is wack!
by Americus Nationel October 27, 2004
To "Beat off" or "Choke the Chicken" or "beat the meat" or "rub the eye".
Also known as Rob's main agenda.
Hold on a sec while I wack it...
by tyler bauhaus March 09, 2003
See weed aka pot.
Yo man, git me so dat wack.
by Grizzle February 20, 2005
Wack, in actual fact, means really really good.
it was originally used to replace the word weak (uncool) but ironically came to mean the exact opposite (un-uncool... ie cool).
Toby: that Alioop was wack man!
Jimeny: sure thang dawg...it was pretty f***ing cool!
by The Hot Rod January 21, 2008
A verb, doing word. Used by teenagers of high intelligence who can create a code between themselves.
"Wack us the remote"

"Wack us a phone call"

"When you get the chance wack us some smack"

"Wack us some of ya mahd"
by Mr.Universe November 27, 2005

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