1.The condition of being out of synchronzation with the rest of the universe.
2. Having a twisted or perverse worldview
That BBking53 is so very wack and so is her friend Vandal.
by L. Nettels December 23, 2003
just plain stupid, a crazy (not mentally) person
tracey: im going to walk up this skyscraper

rob: you so wack...
by ben nwankwo April 16, 2005
Not funny at all, also can be used in the same text as jake or lame
Niggaz who think they are hard are wack
by Malcolm aka Q April 09, 2003
the offspring of a white and black person
Example: "(during the ultra-sound of newborn)"

(blind)Mr.Brown: wait ur white!
Ms.Brown: Yes
(blind)Mr.Brown: Shitt! our sons gonna be wack!
by redstar69 July 26, 2007
not cool, played out, sucks

"That's hellza wack" "Your hecca wack"
by u DonT nOe MeEh November 07, 2005
1. Of low quality, not good, poor, etc.

2. Also used to mean the opposite of it's original meaning, like bad or shit is commonly used (i.e. Wow man, that's some bad moves ya got.). Upstate New York colloquial
That's new car o' yours is wack, how cool.
by BillG February 15, 2005
An Antarctic word meaning weird.
You see a penguin behaving in a strange manner:
'Yo man that Penguin is wack!!!'
by WaSpY September 23, 2004

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