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the result of unprotected wex
"I didn't keep my sweatshirt on last night, I think she might be pregnant with a waby."

" I thought it was only innocent wex, but now i have a waby to take care of."

by waakieetakiiee April 02, 2009
When someone is really drunk and/or high off marijuana.
Everyone got waby after the semi-formal.
by DayTop May 14, 2011
A disorder that is commonly seen in caucasian women approaching their 30th year. Symptoms include an overwhelming desire to surround oneself in wicker furniture and design. Other symptoms include filling vases with marbles and watching the lifetime channel.
She used to be so fashionable until the Wabies set in.
by Kimber_Benton May 28, 2010
Known also as " Wenus babies "

When one person puts there wenus ( outside of the elbow ) into someone's wagina ( inner part of the elbow )
Tom: Allysa, I think it's time we make another waby.

Allysa: If you insist....

by arabcool May 01, 2010
Comte Donatien Alphonse François de. Known as “Marquis de Waby.”

West country writer of novels, plays, and short stories characterized by a preoccupation with sexual violence

n : West country soldier and writer whose descriptions of sexual perversion gave rise to the term `wabism'
Whip me, Waby, whip me!
by Beijingbabe November 22, 2004
Social disease contracted by contact with a Waby.
Doctor, please help freeze off these Wabys.
by Beijingbabe November 21, 2004
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