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1. Term used for someone who acts like an abbo, but is infact white i.e climbing into every tree visible, not wearing shoes often, usually not wearing a shirt, always looking for money, swearing at everything, using the word cunt alot, thinking they can rap, basically an australian wigger crossed with a redneck.

2. A caucasian who surrounds themself with abbos and listens to 'gangsta' music, wears 'gangsta' clothes and becomes part of a suburbian watered down crew/gang such as the HBC in an attempt to grow up like tupac or fifty cent did, just so they can be a 'real' rapper and people will think they're 'tuff' for having a shitty childhood when they actually had a normal one. Wabbos usually die their hair black and tan their skin so they will look less wiggerish.
Patrick is such a wabbo. I saw him smoking a blunt yesterday and complaining about how his dad beats him, then he got home and rode his $2'000 Kona that his dad bought for him. He needs to get over his Wabbo-isms.
by Emma SecretHairyNipple October 27, 2007
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