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The wabacha, or vagina dentata,is a big scraggly vaj with teeth in it. Kinda like if your grandma stuffed her dentures in her snatch. Yuk.
Mythology: A chrome purple poon-monster with an insatiable cockhunger and gnashing teeth like the predator, but its your girl.
That greasy wabacha reduced my salami to ground beef...
by Saving Ryan's Privates December 21, 2004
a vagina with teeth
My wabacha could eat a cow!
by dustin woodstock April 01, 2011
Said when white people warn others of a black person approaching. Used so white people can brace themselves.
Person a: Hey how is it going?
Person b: Wabacha!!
Person a: where?! Why didn't you warn me sooner?
by person951623847 July 10, 2008
the female reproductive organ; females in general
is there going to be any wabacha at the party?
by jeff weber March 25, 2004

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