Defined as "What a bloke". It is commonly used on instant messaging services like Windows Live Messenger and in real life. It denotes a degradable, non-offensive image upon the receiver of the word. It can be used instead of shaking ones head.
John says: "I hate talking online, it's stupid."

Mary Says: "WAB"
by Timmy_Boy January 09, 2007
What a Bitch
WAB, that was so shitty!!!
by Dan February 21, 2004
Well these people have names like: Fea, Mosca, Shygirl, Dreamer, Drifter, Tiny, Fly girl, Creeky, Whisper, La Guera, China, Tortuga, Morena, Angel, Sad Girl, Lady Joker,
Lil Puppet, Silent, Smoker...and the most famous: Shorty.
If you ask them if they are wabs they deny it...or call other people that, when they are too. They talk in spanglish all the time, usually by the time they are 16 they are pregnant. They also wear a lot of Southpole and Echo.
There are a lot of wabs at Santa Ana High School.
by Karinas January 29, 2008
An abbreviation for an ever popular saying of "what-a-bitch".
Sally: did you see that girl?
Maci: Yeah W A B
by STINK FACE July 31, 2006
Work Avoidance Behaviour. Similar to procrastinating, but specifically refering to things you probably wouldn't do if not seeking an excuse to avoid work
Washing the dog, cleaning out your cupboards, or writing definitions for the Urban Dictionary instead of doing your assignment...
by Nimnod May 17, 2005
When a scab forms in your ear due to the scratching of an ear spot, the wax combines with the scab to become a waxy scab (Wab).

This wab can then be used as a way of humiliating somebody who pisses you off, through the act of 'wabbing'. When you get a wab on your clothes, it will never ever come off.

'Fuckin hell, why did it have to be me?'
'What happened?'
'Stedman wabbed me!'
'ROFL, LMAO, LOL, Alt+F4, etc. etc.
by Steddaz October 19, 2006
a semi erect knob
john dunn has a wab, like a semi man!
by jj July 03, 2004

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