weird awkward boner
So, to day i had a huge wab in science!
by duster77 March 26, 2009
verb for intercourse
nallsy got wabbed by solis all night long
by Mr. Snails September 06, 2008
A big clump of semen/ cum, which is lumpy in texture and slimy :>
Omfg look at the wab on that bitches face

There's wab on the chair ffs

I wabbed into a sock
by Lolando August 09, 2008
a mexican guy who speaks spanglish and is into soccer, but dresses in abercrombie and fitch, ae, and hollister
girl 1: look at pablo's ae shirt
girl 2: what a wab
by isabel93 April 29, 2008
Another word for Penis or cock
You suck the wab!
Jim loves the wab
Rambo takes the wab
by Teakkaman October 15, 2004
WAB obviously stands for weed a bit, which means that you laugh so hard you actually feel a trickle of piss come from your genital area
John tells Steve a hilarious joke
"OMG john i just wabbed"
by benderz2010 April 12, 2010
Er... Me and Steph made this one up... about our teacher coincidentally....
Basically it is "What A Bitch!"

Steph: She gave us homework!
Me: WAB!
by ilovenikkinoo August 06, 2008

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