With a Blunt.

For use when talking in public/ on the phone/ over text about smoking a blunt.
Adding this to the end of any activity will make it better.
So I was chillin with Christy, wab, before we went to get food and....

Hey, you want to come over and hang out, wab.
by ac31488 September 01, 2009
A big clump of semen/ cum, which is lumpy in texture and slimy :>
Omfg look at the wab on that bitches face

There's wab on the chair ffs

I wabbed into a sock
by Lolando August 09, 2008
a mexican guy who speaks spanglish and is into soccer, but dresses in abercrombie and fitch, ae, and hollister
girl 1: look at pablo's ae shirt
girl 2: what a wab
by isabel93 April 29, 2008
The word WAB most likely originated from Orange County considering the high population of illegal immigrants located there. its context is similar to those of the word FOB. WAB is an acronym for Walked Across Boarder. It is generally used as a derogatory term towards Hispanics.
Fucking WAB, go back to Mexico!

Yea he cant speak English, he's a wab.
by JunoMuno September 05, 2007
Another word for Penis or cock
You suck the wab!
Jim loves the wab
Rambo takes the wab
by Teakkaman October 15, 2004
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