Wake and bake, to wake smoke marijuana as soon as you wake up in the morning
I'm gonna WAB tomorrow
by mrWAB March 19, 2009
Whiney ass bitching. Complaining without data or fact to support your case.
Stop your WABing Carl and get to work.
by mdekato March 08, 2007
weak ass bastard
1) originated among highschool cross country teams, the term is used for weak bastards that can't run 3 miles without walking

synonym: gaywad
runner1: What are those pussies doing walking?
runner2: They're a bunch of WABs.
runner1: Oh. We should kick them in the balls to give them some motivation.
by ungringo November 18, 2005
Internet abbreviation for 'What about'
Garn: wab 2morro? Im free then fo sho.
Ebo: oh, cool. tots.
by babyzie October 18, 2010
Wake and Bake
you wanna WAB tomorrow?
by big tunafish August 04, 2010
With a Boner
A- "Dude that guy came out wab!"
B - "No way!"
A - "WAY!"
by Yellow Asian February 11, 2010
stands for whaat-a-bitchh =P
teacher: gonna confisate this ipodd and keep it for myself so my kids will love me again!!!!!!!

*behind her back*
meee: W-A-B!!! while pointeing at her
matee: omg Yeaa wab! :)
by its a hoe. oh no :) September 16, 2008

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