Western Academy of Beijing

cuulest skewl in ze worrrld. Where all the hawties go - grrrrrr TIGERS!

we are the wabbits, the mighty mighty wabbits..goooooo wab!
by t-wal April 30, 2009
Wake and bake, to wake smoke marijuana as soon as you wake up in the morning
I'm gonna WAB tomorrow
by mrWAB March 19, 2009
The acronym for weak ass bitch
"Dude this dude is weak ass bitch!!"

"Yeah he is a fucking wab!!"
by C Town Homie October 24, 2007
one who illegally crosses the border into the U.S.,usually by way of Mexico.; border brother.
"dude this party is full of wabs.."
by ted September 23, 2003
The acronym for the phrase 'What A Beast' which is used by people when they believe someone or something is good or has done something positive that makes them a 'Beast'.

Is often used in the gaming scene by friends reflecting on something someone did the night before on Xbox Live.

Was created by 'The Beasts' at South Hunsley ;)
Alex: Did you hear about Phill he got a randomy throwey last night!?

Chris: Wow....WAB
by TheRand December 01, 2010
This is used as a noun. A shortened version for WHAT A BITCH! This usually applies to bitches, whores, fuckers, buddy fuckers, and or wannabe hotties.
OMG, Becky! Lauren is such a WAB! She doesn't do anything but gets all the freakin credit.
by cynthia1204255a September 08, 2009
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