A woman who's primary daily activites include sleeping/eating/thinking about cats.
Awwww look at weebo wabs eating all the buffet.
by TallulahHoola August 15, 2011
we are bladers
if you see W.A.B. writen any were it probably means there are rollerbladers around or its there skate zone
by aza1066 July 13, 2008
When one wakes up and smokes a substance (chiefly marijuana)

short for W.ake a.nd B.ake
Bro #1: Bro let's wab
Bro #2: Okay, pick me up in the morning before school
by Chief Plevel April 22, 2011
Acronym for Whack-assed Bull Shit. Term commonly used in software engineering firms to describe the use of archaic or unorganized development methods without regard for discernible logic.
The persistence framework promoted by the seminar was fully-loaded WABS, completely out of touch with reality.
by awshutup August 12, 2009
A Mexican who brings his Mexican culture such as Cowboys or Ranchero type style to the U.S. and is not ashamed (or doesn't know any better)to sport it out.
That club is full of wabs.
L.A. has a bunch of wabs, so does Santa Ana.
by Turbo Nitrous June 12, 2006
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