stands for what a bitch. can be used for a man or a woman.
'eww mrs jones just gave me a 2,000 word essay! WAB!'
by mancmrsefron November 30, 2011
someone described as a Weak Ass Bitch.
That W.A.B. Jordan bitched out to play video games.
by King Dingaling October 16, 2007
Whiny Ass Bitch. Someone is a chronic complainer.
Stop being a W A B and get to work.
by skilletw December 27, 2007
Northern Irish slang for a mad night out with your mates. Involves night clubbing, drink and potentially drugs.
'I tell ye san it's gonna be an absolute wab.' 'Aye right Tristan don't get too steaming'
by up-the-fuckin-peelers January 12, 2015
Male underpants. Usually used on its own, but also in the phrase a pair of wabs. Slang term used in north east England, possible origin town of Guisborough, North Yorkshire.
He wore thick wabs during the harsh English winter.
by DrBb October 27, 2013
Wack Ass Bitch

Usually a skanky bitch that toys with mens emotions and then fucks someone else.

And then toys with you some more.
you: man, fuck that W.A.B., she just banged Mike.

friend: And ME!
by JTako November 28, 2007
Wabs = Weak Ass Bitch Syndrome

The act of being a Weak Ass Bitch such as being a pussy, being soft or not as tough.
Sierra: Do box jellyfish have more potent venom then scorpions.

Steven: Nah Scorpions got Wabs
by Das me April 15, 2011

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