whipped ass bitch
larry your such a WAB!!
by Junes June 24, 2004
fits into the words of this song - its just my luck to be a girl, cause boys they suck, you buy me diamonds and pearls but they're all fake, i give u everything but u just take, take, take and ur meant to build me up but my heart you break. Why didnt u call me last night, why did you start that fight, why didnt u talk to me, just to other girls you see, what more can i expect, cause you're a boy and boys all suck.
A boy who treats you badly, doesnt understand what hes doing wrong and makes no attempt to apologise for what he does. A crappy boy.
He is such a wab!
You're a wab!
All boys are wabs!
by nic November 16, 2004
a type of rarely spotted gimp were their perversion is based around wanking their heads with someone elses ass.
Wiggy, Fagnew, besty, bairdy and dr. H
by Garfinky May 14, 2004
during a drunken party all the lads want to show off some machoness and start arm wrestling. the worst is a WAB. weak armed bastard!
yeh beat brian at arm wrestling last night, he's a WAB!
by Sean 'the jifford' Clifford April 21, 2005
Wannabe American Badass
Seth is a WAB.....................
by Arin July 22, 2004
The female external genitalia - Labia majora
Fuckin hell look at the wabs on that! she's wearing mumble pants
by Wabmeister March 20, 2006
tits so large and flat they look like dogs ears
look her rank wabs
by rebel girl October 06, 2003

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