a person (usually a boy/man)who has some attractive qualities but is essentially not a good person because he/she behaves in a selfish, unthinking way, particularly in relationships with the opposite sex. Often this person will be a player.
Bryan McFadden (formerly of Westlife)
by Emily December 13, 2004
whipped ass bitch
larry your such a WAB!!
by Junes June 24, 2004
fits into the words of this song - its just my luck to be a girl, cause boys they suck, you buy me diamonds and pearls but they're all fake, i give u everything but u just take, take, take and ur meant to build me up but my heart you break. Why didnt u call me last night, why did you start that fight, why didnt u talk to me, just to other girls you see, what more can i expect, cause you're a boy and boys all suck.
A boy who treats you badly, doesnt understand what hes doing wrong and makes no attempt to apologise for what he does. A crappy boy.
He is such a wab!
You're a wab!
All boys are wabs!
by nic November 16, 2004
a type of rarely spotted gimp were their perversion is based around wanking their heads with someone elses ass.
Wiggy, Fagnew, besty, bairdy and dr. H
by Garfinky May 14, 2004
during a drunken party all the lads want to show off some machoness and start arm wrestling. the worst is a WAB. weak armed bastard!
yeh beat brian at arm wrestling last night, he's a WAB!
by Sean 'the jifford' Clifford April 21, 2005
Wannabe American Badass
Seth is a WAB.....................
by Arin July 22, 2004
The female external genitalia - Labia majora
Fuckin hell look at the wabs on that! she's wearing mumble pants
#pussy lips #flaps #gliders #rails #camel's hoof
by Wabmeister March 20, 2006
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