someone who hops the border from mexico and doesnt know english spanish or anything.
Man that new kid is a wab
by s1n3rg1e April 17, 2003
1) Weak Ass Bitch
2) Whiny Ass Bitch
1) Jarrod is a WAB. He can't even do one push-up.
2) Man, everyone who plays Halo 2 online is a WAB.
by priest of b August 18, 2005
British slang used among teenagers.
Usually used for a small bag of skunk, 1/16th say.
"haha please stop smoking wab David!"
by Odiaman June 01, 2005
a female breast. UK definition which is more jovial than 'boobs', but less juvenile than 'titties'.
phwoar, look at the wabs on that!

by stone flint May 31, 2004
Whistling Annoying Bitch
SHUT UP WAB you're soo loud!
by Stephanie Light April 07, 2008
The wrinkly stuff on the back of the neck and the top of the head
"damn, Shane Battier has some CRUCIAL wab"
by Conswertin February 22, 2005
a person (usually a boy/man)who has some attractive qualities but is essentially not a good person because he/she behaves in a selfish, unthinking way, particularly in relationships with the opposite sex. Often this person will be a player.
Bryan McFadden (formerly of Westlife)
by Emily December 13, 2004

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