An onomatopoeiac word. It refers both to the sound made often by these kinds of people and also refers to these people themselves.Waar's are people who talk with a nasal constricted voice which sounds somewhat like the cawing of a crow. "cawww Cawwww" etc.The point of the accent is to impress others with how "hard" and "mad" they are..generally in fact it is the weaker types who use this voice, somewhat akin to characters like "joxer" in sean o'Caseys Juno and the Paycock, or "the bird" in "The field".You will find this anywhere in Dublin but talbot street/abbey street lower is always a good place to start.
"sereeeena get yar fukkin ma ow' i want to tell 'er where me oufleah left his cunten keyyyysss" - waar
#maneen #scag bag #scanger #hardshaw #buzz
by chomskola August 07, 2006
Top Definition
an event where one is pretty much the best.
i saw you last night
yeah i'm waar.
#best #pretty #great #awesome #the
by drag April 12, 2006
a term used in everyday language, for people who usually are to lazy to say the actual word it stands for which is "what are"
waar? doin?
waar? ya?
#weird #funny #out there #flamboyant #talkative
by Waar Yah? April 01, 2009
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