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Proverb/pronoun/verb; "waa" graidelfic origin. 1. (verb) To accidentally, but majorly screw something up, a total fuck up.

2. (Proverb) To describe something in motion that is not acting accordingly, motions of unnatural movements.

3. (Pronoun) To describe one of little regard, prestige, likeability, appearance, etc. Idiot, knave.
1. For verb: (Walking down the street, person walks into pole and drops his soda and is knocked out)

Person 1: Poor bastard.

Person 2: Waah! He just waahed!

2. For Proverb: "Sanchez back to throw. Got time. Gets it off, wabbly pass, and intercepted!"

Person 1: Fuck!

Person 2: What a waah throw man.

3. For Pronoun:

Person 1: Hey! Fuck off out of my seat Evan!

Evan: Ow, owkay

Person 2: Man, Evan is so waah.
by Cobenchez February 09, 2012
An expression used to say "got you" in jest, sometimes to razz a friend/provoke a reaction. You might even suggest something deragotary about them that you know is not true, just to see their reaction/get them excited. Then you usually then say "waah"! to them to let them know you were just trying to screw around and get them going.
Eric is a joker and wants to get his pal Bill, who is obsessed with hygiene, going. They have both just stepped out of their dorm showers and Bill has just finished putting on his deodorant etc.:
Eric: "Geez Bill, you still smell extra rank today - didn't you just take a shower too?"
Bill (with a very puzzled look on his face): "Yeah, i guess. Maybe i should see a doctor"
Eric (with a big smile on his face): "WAAH"!
by WordFreak September 17, 2005
The way a Gangsta Bitch says "well" Usually used at the end of sentences.
Let's go waah.

Fuck off waah!

Did you see that movie yet waah?
by Ike Turner May 16, 2008
Originated in Baton Rouge. A way to greet another. Substitutes words like hello, howdy, and wad up.
Waah! Dis ya boi Platnum D on 94.9 tha Underground
by Dev-D January 18, 2005
This word comes from the old latin term "waahare" which means to "waah".
Over the years this has become an acceptable substitute for any word.
1. Knock knock
2. Who's there?
1. WAAH!!!!
2. 0mg00se I cant stop laughing
by chuck August 28, 2004
a childish idiotic noise "waah" made by a nerd or geek or freak to make themselves seem cool. it is just a stupid noise that annoysing someone, and tends to be used to by freaks, geeks and nerds when they are upset. tends to be used to the age group of 13-23 by people called damien
"waah, my internet is only going at 192kbps, when it normally does well over 200kbps" or "waah i can't get a girlfriend/boyfriend" or "waah! i hurt my self when using a butchers knife to cut myself"
by HAPPY December 07, 2003