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in fact not three sounds put together to create a vynal scratching effect, but the noises made by anybody that thinks they will sneeze but never quite make it. The oh is a display of disapointment because not being able to sneeze sucks. With the oh usually being slightly more delayed
i think im gonna ... wa-ah-oh.
by prints January 02, 2008
three sound which put together allow you to vocal scratch. different variations of the sound and order allow other words to be included for 'vocal scratching
wa-ah-oh -wa-ah-a-oh -wa-ah-a-oh -weh-wi-wicked
weh-wi-wicked-wo -weh-wi-wicked- weh-wi-wicked weh-wi-wicked-wo weh-wi-wo-yo
by s kol May 15, 2007
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