wa is how Japanese refer to their own country.

It's an ancient name for Japan and it literally means "Harmony".
In ancient China Japan was commonly refered to as land of the midgets.
by wadokujin June 29, 2009
The hottest, coolest person ever. With huge boobs. Execpt not.
Dang, check out that Wa!
Dude, she's a total Wa.
Man...I want me a Wa.
by Allison...yeah November 03, 2004
word used for chinese/east asian person, or a chinese/east asian family. Inspired by Dum Fuk, a good friend of mine from Formosa. see maqwa, pawa, mawa
wa, yoar dinnah' is leaddy!
by apocalypse cow June 04, 2004
Greeting used in Europe, started by the french.
"Wa Bob, got pie?"
"Wa Angry Pete, no I don't"
by Gnell December 05, 2003
A gay guy i used to know. His name was Warren, wa for short. We now use the word wa instead of the word gay.
That dude wearing pink flip-flops is so wa.
by schlongy November 10, 2003
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