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Originating from the smash hit
"Pooty Tang", this phrase is synonymous with 'What can I say', but has no concrete definition. See also:
'Sine yo pity on the runny kine'
"What's up, Pooty Tang?"

"Wa Da Ta."
by Funky T. Garfunkel December 05, 2003
affirmative 1) fuck yeah; 2) hell yeah; 3) you better believe that bi-atch!
Are you going to Big-E-Shorty's party, tomorrow? Wadata!
A Greeting with many definitions. Much like "Aloha" in Hawaiian.
Person 1: "Wa da ta?"
Person 2: "Not much, man"

Person 1: "Hey, dude!"
Person 2: "Wa da ta!"

Coomon response:
"Sa da tay"
by Palyn Peterson February 06, 2006
Synonym for "what can I say?"
wa da ta my damies?
by J-man September 27, 2003
exclamation 1) an ending punctuation for a negative or positive sentence
What I tell ya.
Q. You going to the party tonight?
A. Wadata.
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003