the definition for the term wa da fu? is when you question something, and instead of saying what the fuck? you say wa da fu
GIL'S MOM: OMFG!!! This traffic is fucking horrible!!!!!
GIL: Ya mom, Wa Da Fu???
by pimp daddy dollars January 11, 2005
Top Definition
actually longhand for WTF; can also be written as "what ths fuck"; not to be confused with FTW
wa da fu you talkin' 'bout, Willis?
by TinGrin87 January 06, 2005
The mean for wa da fu is one that has to do with a question. Such as meaning when you say wa da fu is dat in the toilet would mean what the fuck is dat in the toilet. In which u would reply my big turd.
Wa da fu is popping out ur ass....omg dat ding is huge o wait dat mi bi di!!! OOOOOOOOO *waves arms up and down*
by Pimp Daddy Bitch July 08, 2004
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