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actually longhand for WTF; can also be written as "what ths fuck"; not to be confused with FTW
wa da fu you talkin' 'bout, Willis?
by TinGrin87 January 06, 2005
26 12

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the definition for the term wa da fu? is when you question something, and instead of saying what the fuck? you say wa da fu
GIL'S MOM: OMFG!!! This traffic is fucking horrible!!!!!
GIL: Ya mom, Wa Da Fu???
by pimp daddy dollars January 11, 2005
14 8
The mean for wa da fu is one that has to do with a question. Such as meaning when you say wa da fu is dat in the toilet would mean what the fuck is dat in the toilet. In which u would reply my big turd.
Wa da fu is popping out ur ass....omg dat ding is huge o wait dat mi bi di!!! OOOOOOOOO *waves arms up and down*
by Pimp Daddy Bitch July 08, 2004
4 24