a celebratory term exemplifying happiness and excitement, or approval.
1) Man, I just cracked this DOD server! w00t!

2) That car is dope; its that woot, WOOT!
by JJWashington May 26, 2006
Gamer speak for being excited. Instead of just saying "yay" or "wow". Gamers say w00t. Why the zeros? It makes them feel special that they cant find the o key.
n00bh4x:Hey guyz i just got WoW!
by rofl meg December 28, 2006
An expression used to denote that a certain team has completely dominated another team.
Stands for 'We Own the Other Team"
w00t, w00t. We just kicked your ass!
by Brendon280384 May 22, 2007
Comes from the phrase used in video games. "We Owned the Other Team" hence the anagram w00t.
"Hell yea we won, w00t"
by M Maenpaa October 04, 2007
A verbally shortened version of the verbal "woohoo" became typed due to the limitations early bbs's placed on their users. Over time it grew from woot to w00t because b1ff style typing became "cool"
Party over here, w00t w00t.
I just got an A on my test, w00t!
by StrawberryYogurt October 22, 2005
"I own the computer", corrupted leet speak for root, the name of the UNIX superuser.

A cracker who has control of the root user can perform any action on the compromized computer.

Used as a claim of eliteness amongst crackers.
I just buffer overflowed that RS-6000's sshd, and it dropped me in a shell. w00t!
by joseph bloggs July 31, 2006
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