Popular l33t meaning yeah, sweet, awesome, or another phrase used to express excitement; to show congradulations.
W00t i just pwned that dude.
Sweet dude I'm in the guild, w00t.
by Whsikey Tango Foxtrot January 03, 2006
Originally derived from "woot" (win over opposing team), evolved into (we owned the other team). Then "woot" was bastardized into "w00t" Now can commonly be used as a general expression of happiness.
W00t in a WoW PvP bg, lol n00bs.
by Snommis December 12, 2007
A common misconception is that w00t stands for "wow loot" or "we owned other team". These are, in fact, bacronyms. w00t originated from the music culture in the early 90s, such as the song "whoot there it is". A more detailed etymology of w00t can be found at its wikipedia entry.

w00t, pronounced to rhyme with boot, is almost universally used as an expression of joy
Letter: We are happy to report you have been accepted to Yale College
You: w00t!
by H-Z January 28, 2006
when you are happy about something, you say w00t. Kinda mkes me think of raise the roof....
Person 1: Guess what?
You(person 2): what?
Person 1: You just won the lottery!
You: w00t!
by leeliahn February 11, 2006
a word we commonly use to get on the nerves of plenty computer junkies
"what is a double u zero zero t?"
by YellowJuiceSquadron September 21, 2006
Means that your happy, like "OH YEAH"
"I just landed a ssbsts on a 12 stair ledge. w00t!" Look up ssbsts
by Your worste nightmare December 10, 2002
or woot Used as exclamation on many online fourms/games etc.
"w00t! I got 7000 Gold! ^^"
by Keenan H. May 17, 2006

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