An exclamation of winning. A cheer. A way to express your happiness at a favrouable event. Similar to "Boo yeah!"
Man I just got my last set peice! 8/8 set bonus w00t!
by Grimthor May 25, 2005
Word used on multiplayer internet games, acronym for "we owned the other team".

Now commonly used by retards all over the internet..most notably those "popular" kids in school who are actually the biggest faggots ever.
Cool example..

"ZOMG, you fucked him up"
by gurps February 15, 2009
a contraction for: "We Owned the Other Team"

Mostly used in fps Games
Bob: We kicked their asses!
Jim: w00t! we uber pwned teh nubz!
by JohnRboifosho December 12, 2008
a word to shout after owning someone in an online game such as Halo or Call of Duty
*Matt just raped Adam in Halo 3* "w00t!!!"
by foshizzzle June 09, 2008
named the word of the year in 2007.
used to express excitment.
yeah i just got the car i wanted w00t w00t!
by MiSS JESSiKUHH December 14, 2007
Now it is used kinda like WTF?!?!?!?
Person 1: gfhfgjghhdfhkgjfkgjsdfifhdsj
Person 2: w00t?
Person 1: w00t!
Person 2: Ok then I will walk away
by r June 22, 2005
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