A Yankees fanboy and bandwagonner that is so starved for attention that he doesn't care that even Yankees fans want him to shut up.
w00t w00t: OMG the Yankees are teh greatest team ever and Boston is a bunch of whiny crybabies who can't win a world series! Who's your daddy?
Yankees Fan: You make me ashamed to be a fan of the Yankees
by Jeff October 14, 2004
A dumbass Yankee fan who is an embarassment to himself and other Yankee fans. Has an alter-ego, hockeyfreak, a dumbass Red Sox fan
w00t w00t is a fucking dumbass
by Dave September 21, 2004
A pain in the ass Yankee fanboy on gamefaqs that only comes around when the Yankees win, and somehow "magically" dissapears if they are sucking.
Hey the Yankees just got swept by the Red Sox, where is w00t w00t now?
by Slip55 September 20, 2004

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