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A dumbass Yankee fan who is an embarassment to himself and other Yankee fans. Has an alter-ego, hockeyfreak, a dumbass Red Sox fan
w00t w00t is a fucking dumbass
by Dave September 21, 2004
7 15
An expression of celebration or joy
" I blow his fucking head open! w00t w00t!"
by Patrick December 16, 2003
35 13
a "l33t" term meaning Yay!
w00t! i just got a million bucks!
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
23 5
An expression of celebration or happiness
OMFG 10 Headshots in a row!! w00t w00t!!
by neb October 20, 2003
14 4
A computer geek/nerds way of celebrating or showing that they are having a fun time.
I just leveled up my dwarf rogue to level 2.0!!!! w00t w00t!!!
by JeffJones September 09, 2006
15 11
Statement made by a g33k who is really excited or thrilled. So thrilled that one w00t simply isn't enough.
Uber w00tw00t!
by w00tw00t April 05, 2003
11 7
TWO words to express feeling joy and excitement
w00t w00t im so much better than you!
by Kt February 16, 2004
10 7
Something idiots submit to forums when they don't have anything better to say.
Exactly... w00 w00t
by Lorcain May 05, 2003
5 11