English keeper Robert Green will be forever haunted by the sound of the vuvuzela
by AnonJudicator June 12, 2010
You are such a vuvuzela. Shut the eff up!
by fuckyoubuddy June 15, 2010
An extremely loud piece of shit trumpet like instrument used mostly by african fans in the FIFA World Cup 2010 to annoy the hell out of the rest of the world who is watching the competition on TV. It is so loud that it almost overlaps the commentary if somebody is blowing in that thing and it completely nullifies any sort of singing or cheering.
My own theory is that it is used as a primitive radio alternative to communicate the match action between cities, hell prolly even countries considering how LOUD that shit is.
Me: Yes finally the World Cup is here, i'm getting my beer and a bag of chips and i'm gonna enjoy the matches.
Me: What the fuck, can you believe this shit? I hate the damn vuvuzela's ban those things already!
by lionfw June 13, 2010
simplest and clearest way to demonstrate that although you scored a ticket to a world cup match, you do not appreciate or understand football to the slightest degree, and are probably in fact not watching the action.
critical goal scored in injury time = 140 decibels of vuvuzela
player being treated on the field = 140 dB vuvuzela
long stretch of tedious and inconclusive play = 140 dB vuvuzela
halftime = 140 dB vuvuzela
national anthems = 140 dB vuvuzela
by kenbot June 19, 2010
The only thing in the world more obnoxious than a British football fan.
Vuvuzela: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Footy fan: Bawwwwwwwwwwww!
by 5ubversive June 17, 2010
Annoying and noisy stadium horn commonly used during the 2010 World Cup games in South Africa. In slang, this means an ANNOYING and/or noisy person. A general jackass.
"That Rajon Rondo was such a vuvuzela at the game against the Lakers tonight."


A: "Why did you guys break up?" B: "OMG. He would not shut the eff up, he was a straight vuvuzela. I was trying to watch Sex and the City!"
by fuckyoubuddy June 13, 2010
The spawn of satan
Anyone using a vuvuzela should be executed.
by rickymyshickyjicky June 23, 2010

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