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A sexual act in which a partner, while performing cunnulingus on a female, blows vigorously into the vagina. The reciever then screams out annoyingly, thus becoming the vuvuzela.
Person #1: Hey man, why were you blasting the South Africa World Cup game this morning?
Person #2: No dude, I was making my girl a vuvuzela last night.
Person #1: Oh, that explains that it.
by Webster and Merriam June 24, 2010
A mind-numbing torture device made of cheap, brightly colored plastic. It resembles a horn but its pitch cannot be changed. It is being used during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
I thought I heard an angry swarm of bumblebees, but it was the sound of vuvuzelas playing at the World Cup.
by teller of truths10 June 13, 2010
An annoying trumpet-like instrument played by fans, mainly in African countries, in football matches. They may be banned from Fifa for the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.
Fan #1: Did you hear the fans go crazy when South Africa scored the goal yesterday?
Fan #2: No! I had to put my television on mute because of those damn vuvuzelas!
by Soccer Fan September 07, 2009
A female porn-star, or one who has all the makings thereof: Plastic, horny and makes a hell of a noise whilst blowing.
See that Jenna Jameson? She's a right vuvuzela.
by Captain Quark 1 June 15, 2010
An annoying, long plastic horn blown by African fans (especially South Africans) during football (soccer) matches. Unlike cheering or clapping, vuvuzelas are blown in a non-stop, monotone manner throughout an entire match.

They made the 2010 FIFA World Cup sound like a giant hive of angry bees.
by From South Africa with Love June 14, 2010
A trumpet used in football matches.

Often mistaken with the sound of Chewbacca taking a shit.
Terrorist #1: I went to the toilet the other day. Sounded like a real vuvuzela.
Terrorist #2: I'm not your friend anymore.
by RandomNinja June 15, 2010
A horn that ruins football matches with a loud annoying noise that serves no purpose - that's not used in the tempo of the game - just blown non-stop for 90mins in a retarded way
I very much like football to show my love of the game i will blow my vuvuzela for the next 90mins - i wont even watch the game i will just blow and blow and blow & blow - phrase the lord!!
by coroner01 June 14, 2010