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Being drowned out by incessant protests while trying to say something - inspired by the South African horn being heard the Football World Cup.
The politician tried pacifying the raging mob but was vuvuzela'd by their hoots and jeers.
by Mohit Hira June 17, 2010

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The act of completely pulling all attention away from something (i.e. the world cup soccer games)
Person A: Hey dude did you see the game last night
Person B: No what-

(Hot chick walks by)

Person B: Shit, what were we talking about, that chick totally vuvuzelad me.
by Ips_laxbro2010 June 25, 2010
The act of farting in your partners face while they lick your anus.
Joe vuvuzela'd Kristy while she was down there
by Dennal plan June 24, 2010