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benefiting from the deaths and misery of others.
using the deaths of others for personal gain.
"If it bleeds it leads" is the evening news' policy of vulturism.
#death #misery #misfortune #greed #vulture
by triciagalore May 15, 2007
Vul"tur*ism (?), n.

1.Definition of Vulturism, The quality or state of being like a vulture; rapaciousness.

2.Definition of Vulturism, Being under handed and putting ones desires before that of a friend.
Example of Vulturism...

"He's such a Vulture! Always trying to jump on mates birds!"

"You've just been demoted to Vulture status for such a heinous betrayal"
#vulture #betrayal #lamby #harris #cottle #snake
by Acio December 17, 2006
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