Ventrilo decide - usually on IRC, when searching players for a particular game, one often puts vtd at the end of the search. This indicates that the person in question does not have a Ventrilo server of his own and whoever wants to play decides what server to use.
+1 for game - vtd!
by sondr February 12, 2011
Virtually Transmitted Disease; What you can catch if you spend too much time with a computer.
Laura had a little too much fun with her Dell last night, now she's got a VTD. eCrabs, I believe.
by c0rrupt10n March 02, 2009
A computer virus (virtual transmitted disease) that the user contracted from looking at porn sites.
"Geez, I got this nasty V.T.D. from that Granny Tranny Donkey porn site"
by T. Man October 03, 2007
Visually Transmitted Disease
Don't look at him! You'll get a VTD!
by KrisIsBozz July 30, 2011

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