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"vruet"- vr-u-et; verb, it is when you poke someone over and over in the ribs, side, shoulder, or back everytime you say the word "vruet" it usually is used very often and is used with "your mum" and "your mum's twat"
Hey, you mother fucker if you vruet me one more time I really will fuck your mom's twat, cocksucker!
by J-Hawk08 November 05, 2007
"Vruet" vr-u-et, verb, "vruet" is an spoken word that you use when poking someone, mostly in the ribs, side, arm, shoulder, back, leg, pretty much any part of the human anatomy. "Vruet" is used everytime you connect a poke, and is used very often, it is also used with phrases like "Your Mum" and "Your mum's twat..."

Synomyms: wahoo, vroo
Dude, if you vruet me one more time then I am going to beat the shit out of you. (vrueting is very annoying)
by J_Hawk08 November 12, 2007
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