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Blasting instant voice messages to groups using mobile PTT,walkie-talkie applications such as Voxer. Voice texting. Alternative to voicemail, calls and sms messages. Popular activity amongst hiphop artists and rappers who "vox" slam new songs to each other using iPhones and Android devices. Heavily used in urban settings and schools.
Also known seen as:
-on the vox
"I'm bout to slap Britt for Voxin me singin Take You Down!. LmaO!"
"Alicia is dumb. Lmfao she's voxin' like a foo foo."
"Dumbasses be voxin each other and sitting next to each other"
#texting #sexting #rap #voxerin' #app #android #iphone
by cocoablini December 15, 2011
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