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A vietnamese style martial arts, formed in Vietnam in the late 1960's.
Vovinam is a famous Vietnamese martial art was found by Grand master Nguyen Loc . According to a self revolution's tendency, Master Nguyen Loc brought the martial arts technique, self-esteem, discipline , and oriental philosophy together to form Vovinam. The principle of hard and soft were put together to become main fighting technique of Vovinam martial arts.
- Vovinam's activities are aimed at helping youth to build confidence, and self defense.
- Vovinam is a large family. Members love and respect to each other that would strengthen the Vovinam's discipline. The bonding of disciples raises Vovinam reputation.
- Vovinam members always participate and maintain the supporting for youth's health and knowledge.
- Vovinam is not a political or religious group but do not prevent any of the member doing their own politic or religion.
- Vovinam respects other martial arts.
by He's the boxman September 24, 2006
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