A fetish or variety of porn involving cannibalism, occasionally by giants or giantesses, or even monsters. Usually a 'cyber' term; found on websites of this nature.
It's amazing what you find on the net these days-- Sam looked up information on carnivorous plants and got a vore site, full of stories about forty-story women swallowing their male amours.
by Aileen April 21, 2003
A fetish community in which everyone is merely out for their own goals and purposes to become the biggest, stuck up, and most popular person in the world. They pass it off as being creatures that eat each other simply so they can limit the playing field to the weaker and more sensetive people who are easier to manipulate.
Those vores on www.aryion.com are rather stuck up, they must have rather large egos by now.
by Dragondino June 17, 2006
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