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the object that a person performing voodoo acts through, usually to cause harm to another human. To make the voodoo doll complete is having a piece of the receiving human's DNA, such as a strand of hair or a nametag worn by the person, so as to make sure the receiving subject will acquire the effects from the doll.
Betsy stuck a pin in her voodoo doll of her friend Stacy, and where ever Stacy was at that moment, she felt as though she was stuck by a pin, which was incredibly painful.
by zack fons October 27, 2008
43 11
A deeply disturbed version of a pincushion, but of the single mom variety. Prefers men involved or married to seek revenge for her own failed marriage at the hands of her own unfaithfulness. Will take on a relationship, but only for monetary purposes such as vacations and bills. Nothing distracts her from keeping her voodoo doll status current.
Paulie; "I can't believe she stepped out on me after all this time."
Brian; "Dude, before you started dating Peg I told you she's a Voodoo Doll."
Two strangers at the bar in unison; "Amen! You're preaching to the quire."
by Millbridge99 September 10, 2012
14 2