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A curse word you use when someone misplaces your baby. Yes it is an actual curse word.
It was right after we delivered it..I, uh, went out to grab a bite to eat, I forgot I had him with me. Then I met some friend's for a beer, went to a Bodine's concert, and, son of a vondruke, if I didn't leave him at the concert hall. Thank god they had him, the next day at lost and found. Then I just flat out lost him.
by MaximumTravis May 04, 2003
376 69
An actual curse word.
You vondruke!
by Adam Lenhart December 23, 2003
170 52
A curse word to use when the words bitch, asshole, little shit, and any other vulgar nouns are not appropriate.
You big fat vondruke.

Whats up my vondruke.

George Bush is sucks a vondruke.
by Ben January 07, 2004
47 143
A stupid person...One who acts like a dumbass or does something stupid...or Zack Boyer
Zack ran his head full speed into a water machine and moved it 4 we called him a Vondruke.
by Skinsonparade November 01, 2003
37 138