When you've drank so much the night before & your next day shits smell like alcohol. Like vomiting out your ass.
Dude, last night was crazy, but it gave me a case of the vomshits today.
by treegirl13 January 10, 2012
Top Definition
When you are so drunk that you are vomiting and shitting at the same exact time.
When I have to vomshit I make sure to sit on the toilet with a plastic bag in front of me, that way its the best of both worlds and I won't vomit or poop on the floor.
by cookiepoops June 16, 2009
When your shit is thin as diarohhea only its as acidic as vomit so it smells like vomit and burns your asshole and makes it painfull to wipe.
he was vomshitting all over the place
by scaryduck October 30, 2003
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