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or vommenting; the act of spewing constant remarks about something, sometimes pointless and othertimes needed.
omg,lacey, u should totally vomment on that blog on facebook.

dude,whats lacey doing?
she's vommenting on facebook.
oh god,not agian.
by sex_goddess June 16, 2008
8 3
Pronunciation: 'vä-"ment
Function: noun or verb
Etymology: Conjunction of vommit and comment.
1. Vulgar, inane, off-topic, rambling comments to blogs, forums, news, reviews, etc. 2.verb -ment·ing, -ment·ed the act (tense) of numerous comments (vomments) to an internet body of work, articles, blogs, reviews, etc.
"These numbskulls continue to vomment on your blog posts?"

"Man, why do people keep vommenting on my digg submissions?"
by gordy April 27, 2007
35 6
Verb. To leave a long, rambling, often incoherent comment on someone's blog.
That blog post made me so mad, I vommented.
by asking68 July 01, 2009
3 1
a mixture of the words "vommit" and "comment". Usually refers to people who post stupidly long comments on facebook which resemble a vommit of poorly thought through ideas and meaningless garble.
Nathan: "Did you see Eric's vomment on his own status?"

Stephen: "Yeah. 90% or his facts were wrong and his points didn't even make sense."

Nathan: "It was almost as if he puked all over his own status."
by Jonathan Moron February 13, 2014
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an off color comment. online or otherwise, which gushes forth with no thought of consequence or forethought, typed or spoken in haste as if drunk.
Their friendship ended the moment that Mark vommented on Danny's post about his deceased grandmother.
by freaky mcstyles January 16, 2014
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a commentt that is left on the innternett that iss so annoying, gross,and uncalled for you couldd literally throw up on it
did you see thaat hoe ashleyss comment to leo shess soo annoyingg who does she think she is im gonna vomment on it
by baddestbitch72409 November 18, 2009
1 1
adj. Comments, posts, videos, etc. on Facebook that make third party readers literally or figuratively want to vomit because of it’s lovey-dovey, cutesy and sometimes grotesque ( if people sharing said vomments are nasty) content.
They are not cute together, and neither are the vomments they leave on eachother's walls.
by hanhopehaw July 09, 2011
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