A crappy restaurant breakfast.
That breakfast was vile. They must have served me the vomlette.
by riff randall February 07, 2012
Top Definition
The vomiting of stomachs contents after a night of drinking and eating omlette at 3 in the morning. The result is a horrible mixture of Alcohol and omlette on the ground or in a toilet
When Kristen ate the omlette after a long night of drinking she went to the bathroom and vomletted
by Shocka Khan June 28, 2007
A meal usually created by batchelors/male students.

Consists of any left over meals put into a frying pan with several beaten eggs poured over the top, forming a rather disgusting looking dish.
Chris: Is there anything for dinner?
Duncan: Nah, I had to make a vomlette.
Chris: Gammin.
by McKimm May 31, 2005
The result of a puddle of vomit being heated by a hot pan or heated floor.
Dude, I wouldn't go in the bathroom. Someone just threw up and the heated floor's turning it into a vomlette.

Did you see that guy on Jackass who cooked a cheese and tomato vomlette?
by dakarateka December 24, 2011
A tiny pathetic sick, so small you feel embarassed that you actually threw up.
Also know as a vomit omlette.
Urgh I don't want to vomlette tonight, that's not cool.
by v for vomlette July 10, 2008
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