The rare and exciting ability to quickly induce violent and projectile vomiting with little or no effort. Used to describe a nauseating, boring or generally unpleasant person, object, place or situation
Morgan: Hey Kinga, what do you think of that guy Max over there?

Kinga: I do not approve of him. He is simply too vomitrocious for my liking.

Morgan: I see.......... what an interesting word you have just recently invented.

Kinga: Oh yes, I do agree.
by Lee Palomares April 07, 2006
Top Definition
adj. to describe the act or thought of something so wrong.
"Chris is still having sex with the Troll."
"Seriously? That's so vomitrocious!!"
by Daaarlyn December 30, 2008
Something so repulsive and disgusting that it would cause someone to vomit; however instead of actually vomiting; one would just scream 'vomitrocious!' Invented by the children's show Arthur.
Binky: (Spits while at bat during baseball game)
by blackmirror September 23, 2008
Horrifyingly disgusting. May cause the need to puke. Extremely nasty and shockingly gross.
Billy-Bob's mullet was absolutely vomitrocious. He hadn't washed or trimmed it in days.
by Chiquita13 June 07, 2004
nauseating, vomit-inducing
Mom, these stinky Brussels sprouts are really vomitrocious!
by Bradley Fikes August 19, 2003
so disgusting that a person feels as if he/she would vomit or is brought to the point of vomiting.
That garbage is vomitrocious.
by rebekah gholdson November 22, 2005
The term used by the character Brenda Chenowith in Six Feet Under to describe the ceremony of her parents renewing their marital bonds.
Billy: So, wasn’t that ceremony unbelievably—

Brenda: Pitiful? Pathetic? Or maybe a word that hasn’t been invented yet. Vomitrocious. Is that a word?
by The Long Defeat March 02, 2005
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