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what your friends do when they are dumb asses who can't handle their alcohol. and puke all over perfectly good beds that you could have passed out in.
1: Dude Chelsea just vomitted all over the bed!

2: Man what the FUCK i was just about to fuckin dive into those sheets
by fadoradelover April 02, 2009
Finnish urban legend says, that there lives (or lived) creature named Vomit in Midle-Finland. He had vomited himself into this universe, and he is also known as "Strangler" and "Urakoitsija" (which means worker in finnish). The tale says he had taken the body of drunken bum in order to get close to his victims. He has insane obsession to drinking (mostly beer and jaegermaister), smoking and repairing various things. He's former sailor. He's known for "The boiler room effect". He lures innocent children to his houses boiler room and commits his mystique fetishes to them. and he is always in drunken haze.
Dude, I saw Vomit in a pub! He was so drunk that he had dropped his food all over his clothes, pissed in his pants and booze had knocked him out!
by NZArt October 22, 2006
To spit some seriously mad rhymes
To spit "fire"
"did you hear that guy vomit just now?"
"ya, those were some dope rhymes"
by peterbrendanaaronandevan May 28, 2007
To splurge
Sian splurged on the bus
by Biddy Mc Vomm November 01, 2003