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The late night bus home that you have to take when the subway stops running at 2am.. so named because all the patrons on it are drunks from the bar, and that alcohol induced vomiting is a common occurance.
fucking hell, i hate taking the vomit comet home.. you meet the drunkest weirdos on it.
by mrPrez September 27, 2004
1. Multi engine jet plane capable of sustaining dives long enough to simulate weightlessness; primarily used for astronaut training and films like Apollo 13.
They call it the Vomit Comet because it streaks across the sky and makes you lose your lunch.
by jonny mac June 09, 2004
Adoring nickname for the Gravitron ride that shows up at volunteer firemen's carnivals and county fairs. Usually operated by an anti social meth addict, the vomit comet plays grating 80's glam metal very loud to make your ears bleed so you don't notice your stomach unfolding inside out and your funnel cake and coke slamming back into your face a Mach 1.
Dude, no cotton candy before the tilt a whirl, no sausage before the zipper, and no liquids before the vomit comet
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
A specific vomitular design made on the side of one's car after a passenger decides he's just not gonna tell you he is sick at a speed of no less than 65mph.
A Vomit Comet comes around once every 20 lightbeers.
by JJNickels29 June 04, 2013
a fart so smelly that victims vomit profusely
After many pickled eggs and beer in came a vomit comet and the 'ol lady puked
by hook'embill January 08, 2009
A splurge of airborne vomit that has not reached the ground.
Dude! I just saw a vomit comet come right off of the Wild Thing!
by mybrassisbiggerthanyourss November 15, 2010
Any car where sitting in any seat other than the driver's seat makes you miserably ill, usually within minutes.
I always have to drive when I ride in our vomit comet. Otherwise, I will puke my brains out!
by EjteCrawf May 21, 2009
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