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1) a phrase that describes being so grossed out, you want to vomit
2) the opposite of
I saw Oswald and Pavani making out, and I wanted to
by seems291 November 01, 2010
A gross-out comedy film, often involving vomit, bowel blow-outs and strange sexual scenarios.
Example vom-coms: American Pie, Road Trip, Freddy Got Fingered, etc...
by aX8R9WPY June 25, 2011
(noun.) a public display of affection that grosses out innocent bystanders so much, that it's almost funny

similar to a rom-com but much more nauseating
"urgh. if I wanted to watch a vom-com i'd go pay 11$ to see that new Zach Efron movie..please get off each other"
by grossedoutroommate March 27, 2014
A disgustingly sentimental Rom-com
"How was the film?"
"It was a vom-com, so pretty shit..."
by alex01234 November 29, 2015
When you find something so heinous on the internet that it makes you want to vomit.
Person 1: "OMG have you seen 2 Girls 1 Cup?"
Person 2: "EW. Totally"
by GoldyG January 06, 2012
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