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Although the verb volver typically is translated as "to return," it has a wider variety of uses than that simple translation may suggest. Under some circumstances, its meaning can be as varied as "to turn (something) over" and even "to become."
He had to return to that surf spot.
We returned to skate the bowl one last time
He had to return to read volver magazine.
by Volvermag September 10, 2010
1.) Spanish verb: "to return"

This is different from the Spanish verb "regrosar", in that "volver" has a more voluntary connotation.

2.) This is also the name of a contemporary Latin-inspired clothing brand featuring surf, street, soul, and mountain-inspired apparel.

3.) This is also a 2006 Academy Award-nominated Spanish film by director Pedro Almodóvar.

"Quiero volver de la playa."

"I want to return to the beach."
by JDubr June 06, 2007

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