to be volunteered, usually by your wife, for an undesirable task that you must grin and bare.
I was voluntold to drive my inlaws to the airport at 3:30 am
by lydymama June 23, 2011
Being told what to do but made to look like you volunteered.
I was voluntold to drive grandma to bingo.
by D1toNV February 03, 2010
being involuntarily volunteered to perform a job or task as a result of being absent from a business meeting
I was unable to attend the staff meeting this morning and, as a consequence, I was "voluntold" to take on the responsibility for completing several critical assignments
by csachs22 January 18, 2011
Voluntold is the past tense of voluntell. To "voluntell" someone to volunteer them to do something without having that subject's prior approval. The situation most frequently occurs in situations with large numbers of volunteers who don't have specific duties within the area they have volunteered. The situation also occurs in small group situations in which someone is required to volunteer for a task but nobody raises their hand. They thus become "voluntold" to do the task by the group leader.
I didn't feel like volunteering to join the cooking staff, so the director voluntold me I had to do it.
by outhouse April 22, 2009
When you refuse to volunteer and then are told to complete the task anyway. Generally used in the military by sergants.
MSgt. "Would you like to police the area for cigerette butts?"
SrA. "No Sgt. i wouldn't."
MSgt. "Well in that case consider you self voluntold."
by USAF_Airman March 18, 2009
The act of promising the services of others.
Wife to friend: I'll get hubby to come out and paint your ceiling on Saturday.

Hubby: I can't go golfing with you pal, I was voluntold to paint someone's ceiling.
by aquafishy September 29, 2008
When a parent volunteers his/her child then tells the child the task they have been volunteered for. Bosses are also good for voluntolding employees to certain tasks.
My Dad voluntold me to help at the church picnic.
by Bob Letarte April 28, 2008
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