When someone volunteers you with out the option of you saying no.
your mom volun-told you to babysit on a Saturday night.
by Jackie Kushner February 17, 2009
The act of being unwillingly volunteered by someone with a higher authority than yourself.
"I don't want to help at the banquette." said John

"Too bad you've already been voluntold." Replied his mother
by Stryder50 April 16, 2014
Being volunteered for something by a spouce or significant other that you were totally unaware of.
My wife voluntold me that I was going to coach our sons soccer team.
by Sockmonkey0811 February 24, 2010
When you are volunteered to do something by a boss or co-worker
"Gee Bob, it was nice of you to volunteer to work overtime this weekend". "I didn't volunteer, I was voluntold"!
by Jrock146 May 29, 2014
When your boss needs volunteers, but nobody will do it, so you get ordered to; when your significant other says you will do something for a friend of theirs that you otherwise don't know or like.
My boss voluntold me to work overtime this Saturday.
by smartypantsred April 11, 2014
That moment when your boss asks for volunteers then points at you and tells you you're doing it.
Did you volunteer? No I was voluntold.
by El Benjamino February 07, 2013
When a person is not given an option to volunteer; instead, they are told that they must
When my friend decided not to volunteer to help set up for the sports banquet, he was voluntold by his boss that he should.
by HaileyK May 28, 2010

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