Definition 1A bunch of girls showing off their bods. Not a real sport and used to sexually arouse losers.

Definition 2 a feminist fake sport that only girls play because they want to be "off their asses"
Damn look at that bitch's spandex. Naw bro she plays a fake sport, volleyball don't fall for her.
by The creator4983 October 25, 2013
an excuse for fairfield warde guys to watch girls jump around in tight ass spandex.
Jimmy loves to watch Ally play volleyball in her tight ass spandex. Go Warde!
by Kenny the Asian October 24, 2006
A hoe that's been tossed around your crew. You know the one you fuck one week, then she fucks your boy the next, then your other boy the week after, so she resembles a volleyball being tossed around the crew.
That hoe is a damn volleyball, half the crew allready fucked her.
by ElCocker short for..(Cock-her) August 10, 2009
A fun spectator's sport in which girls keep a ball in the air, bouncing, diving, sliding and crouching in tiny-undersized spandex uniforms!
That's my girl in the short short-shorts...
by Daniel May 09, 2004
The girls in high school and college volleyball have to wear those insanely small shorts because of some "regulation".

We know who's in charge of these regulations. :p
Just watch some College Volleyball--it's like cameltoe country.
by Troy January 05, 2004
A series of events where a bunch of girls bend over in really tight shorts. In most cases, they are usually horny athletes.
God, volleyball is the best sport ever.
by Gary Coleman IV June 17, 2008
A sport that people call hard, haha n00bs it is really easy because it is a women's sport and women are pointless and should get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich or clean.
That girl tried to play volleyball but sucked so a guy tried and was really good, because it is a women's sport it is easy.
by Dexter Phaft November 02, 2011

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